Ideas submission guidelines

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  1. Make a suggestion related to Maschine software and Maschine+ only.
  2. Check first if there are existing use cases. If there’s a similar idea, you can show support by liking and replying to the comment.
  3. Make one use case per post. 
  4. No third party integration or pricing related suggestions. 
  5. Not all ideas are created equal. A post with detailed descriptions, use cases and even UI mockups are easier for others to understand and contribute. 

To make sure your idea is as clear and precise as possible, please use the following structure in the description:

Setup: Operating system and specifics of your setup

As a [...]: State what type of Maschine user you are

I want to [...]: Describe the task you want to perform

So that I can [...]: Specify the goal you want to achieve 


The ideas page features the most requested areas for improvement, identified through a user survey and they're open for voting. If you believe it's a valuable idea, please upvote and share your use case in the comments. 

The comments and use cases that receive the most upvotes will likely be prioritized by the product team. 

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