How do you reset the direct links to your favorite playlists to "not assigned"?

Seukmiov Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Hi everybody,

I've just erased 3 playlists from my collection. They used to be linked in 3 of the 12 slots of favorites there are just above the track lists.

Now the titles of these playlists are still displayed, but with a red cross right before them, which means the link/playlist is "empty".

Now, I just want to delete the titles as well and go back to "not assigned".

Could somebody help please?


  • mykejb
    mykejb Moderator Posts: 876 mod

    I could never figure out how to do this. I ended up creating an empty playlist called "not assigned" and dragged that into the slots I wanted to clear.

    -- Mike

  • Sûlherokhh
    Sûlherokhh Member, Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,521 mod

    I know that it's not helpful to mention, but i just have to say that i always use all twelve and never needed them empty. If Traktor had 20 slots instead of 12, i'm pretty sure i would have use for all 20. :)

    If the label is so important, @mykejb is on the mark.

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