Second Hand M32 - install guide

SIDESTAMP Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

I have purchased a 2nd user M32 keyboard.

Is there a setup guide somewhere, as I am stuck, pressing a key on the keyboard makes no sound (sorry if thats simplistic, but i need hand holding and bit of noob).

I have transfered the Licence.

I have installed Native Access

I have installed: Controller Editor, Komplete Kontrol, Kontakt 7 Player, Maschine Essentials 2, Reaktor 6. Am I missing anything ?

I have Komplete Kontrol within Cakewalk, the encoder button is doing some stuff in Komplete Kontrol, but it appears there are no presets or Libraries loading up. Pressing the keys does nothing.

I have run Komplete Kontrol independently outside of Cakewalk to allow the DB to be refreshed.

A setup guide (PDF or YouTube) for using the M32 Keyboard either within Cakewalk, or just on its own would be very helpful, so I can at least get some sound out of my setup.



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