new install valves pro - no sound

daudioguy Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

added fables, lores and valves pro

valves pro makes almost no sound with any of the presets

testing with Kontakt 7, other instruments work

valves pro sees keys going down in Kontakt 7. The interface shows instrument elements playing.

I've deleted and reinstalled it twice to be sure, rebooted, adjusted the preload buffer size up to 90kB. Did a batch re-save to be sure that all the samples were being found

the only sound valves pro has made is the transition sound when two keys overlap, with most presets there is no sound



  • Milos
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    Which OS, DAW and audio engine you use?

  • daudioguy
    daudioguy Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    to simplify I tested with stand-alone Kontakt 7

    Win10 - 32Gb RAM, Babyface Pro, Cakewalk

    I ensured that Kontakt 7 was working by loading older and newer (Fables) instruments and they all worked which suggests to me that Kontakt 7 is having issues with Valves Pro on this system.

    I work with vsts mostly and they are all behaving.

  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 1,827 Pro

    You use Cakewalk too?


    Is BabyFace Pro the audio engine or something?

    Audio engines for Windows are ASIO, WASAPI, MME...

  • daudioguy
    daudioguy Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    ah, BabyFace Pro is the USB audio interface. ASIO is the audio engine.

    since every instrument that I have loaded works, except valves pro, I'm looking at what unique needs it has that Kontakt 7 cannot meet.

    Yeah, I used Cakewalk before Windows when I was running DOS 3.1 (so that is a long time). I'm glad to know that they are going to a paid model again. More money for development.

  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 1,827 Pro

    Oh, interesting!

    I never knew Cakewalk existed way back in 1992!

    How was it like?

    Oh wait, we are talking about the issue, sorry, I am a stan of Cakewalk Audio Workstation, been using it since the end of 2010s, it is just an incredible DAW with professional features while also being free!

    As for the problem, hmm...maybe, but just maybe, it either has to do with the audio engine inside the DAW or with the audio settings inside Kontakt.

    I have been there once.

    First, try to experiment with other audio engines such as Wasapi Shared and Exclusive, and if the engine is not the problem, then experiment with Kontakt audio settings and then try to play these instruments again.

    Let me know if any of these tips worked.

  • tonyalexa
    tonyalexa Member Posts: 12 Member

    This is EXACTLY my problem. I've contacted NI and e-instruments and so far, nothing is working. Two of us here have submitted to NI. If you decide to contact NI, that might light a fire where it needs to burn. E-instruments didn't seem to care.

    My post is

    I'm using Cubase Pro 13 with a Steinberg UR28M audio interface on Windows 10 Pro. The problem is in both standalone and VST. Note that I have no problems with Valve Pro on my laptop using an NI interface and Cubase 13 Pro, Win 10 Pro. But using the same interface on my desktop and no luck. Settings are exactly the same for Kontakt 7 on both systems and I've done NUMEROUS reinstallations. I too have no problems with any other products.

    Valves Pro was created to be used with Kontakt 7 and everything else works. So, I doubt this is a Kontakt problem. There must be something our systems have in common that cause this.

  • astrksksks
    astrksksks Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    It seems not to be mentioned with MIDI input settings here and my report may not be a good reference but in my situation Valve Pro seemed to fail to deal with incoming MIDI signals. To be concrete as long as I set MIDI input of Valve Pro patch in a individual MIDI Ch, in short set other than Omni, it mostly fails to make sound and its details are very similar to the symptom above reported (only sounds "the transition sound when two keys overlap").

    I'd already reported with my issue and NI answered with a reasonable view point that it is a bug and expected to fixed in the future; 

    "I filed this as a bug with the developers and we expect a fix sometime in the near future."

    I wish this would to be the clue leading some solution even if it has more comprehensive issue not merely MIDI...

  • tonyalexa
    tonyalexa Member Posts: 12 Member

    Just tested and it's the same for me regarding omni. The issue takes place when it's set to anything other than omni. This was only happening on my desktop where my Kontakt 7 default is MIDI channel 1. There was no problem on my laptop because the default was omni and I had not noticed the default MIDI settings were different.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,801 mod

    @daudioguy Were you able to find a solution in the end? Hopefully this helps: Configuring your MIDI Keyboard / Controller in KONTAKT

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