NTKDaemon and Native Acess 2 "Dependency installation process is taking longer than normal..." issue

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People from NI: you have apparently awesome stuff here, BUT:

why do you shoot your self a bullet in the foot with weird stuff & processes like NTK & co during installation and after?

Can't you make things simple?

It's the 2nd time that I try to install your stuff and it will be the 2nd time that I will just delete it because of that silly installation thing.

Don't you prefer people to buy your products for hundred of $$$ instead of messing with computer's people?

Fire your IT boss and produce clean and simple installs.

And also: this is bad marketing: somewhere it is written that you can download the free orchestra 1 & 2 libraries, and when doing, so it just forces you to install the NI_installer with the NTK problem.

Do we look so stupid or is it just in your eyes?


  • OmegaII
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    To be fair, the setup they are using is fine. But finicky at best when it goes wrong.

    Best thing is to clean out EVERYTHING ntkdaemon related, and reinstall it.

    Delete everything under:

    C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Native Access

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments\NTK

    C:\ProgramData\Native Instruments\Installer Log\NTKDaemon

    Remove Native Access, reinstall Native Access (now at 3.8)

    If it's installed check services.msc for NTKDaemonServices , make sure it's started before starting up Native Access.

    When it's not started it will go through the process of checking if it's started, starting it with normal user priviliges ( which doesn't work ), so it thinks it's not installed. Extracts 2 .bat script, to launch the NTKDaemon setup exe located at C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Native Access\resources\daemon\win\NTKDaemon 1.15.1 Setup PC.exe

    And then it will try to start Native Access.

    If the NTKDaemonService is running before you open Native Access it will work fine.

    Also this one can also be handy to start over:

    taskkill /F /IM "native access.exe" && taskkill /F /IM "ntkdaemon.exe"

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