S4 mk2: Stem control and Hot Cue [5-8]

mots Member Posts: 20 Member
edited December 2023 in Traktor Software & Hardware


As anyone found a way to switch the mode of remix buttons [1-4] between stem control and hot cues [5-8]. either manually or automatically ?

I wish the preference in the S4 section of the preferences "Sample Play Button: Auto" would allow to select something like "HotCue [5-8] or Stem if Stem track is loaded". (or switching mode of the remix button with a shift+loop in and shift + loop out)

For now i use this custom mapping that allow basic Stem control (mute/un mute) and hotcue [5-8] and the loaded track is not a stem file: motscousus.com/stuff/2023-12-01_Trackor_S4_MK2_Mappings/ but i loose filter and volume control for stems. pitty!

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