Remix decks go out of sync when playing tracks decks

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Does anyone know why on traktor pro 3 the remix decks go out of sync I'm using my S4 Mk3 I try everything but the remix decks keep going out of sync when playing the Track decks,am I missing something? I have the remix decks with the sync button activated and also the samples but still goes out of sync. btw the samples are in loop mode and pre recorded.



  • Sûlherokhh
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    Is the deck going out of sync or are the remix slots going out of sync separately?

    Either way, you can try the SYNC MODE setting BeatSync (instead of TempoSync) in Preferences-->Transport.

  • PK The DJ
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    Nobody will be able to tell you why things are going out of sync - because you haven't told us what you're playing.

    What track or tracks are you playing on the main deck or decks? Artist and title please.

    What do you have on the remix decks? Are they your own samples or from NI/Traktor?

    It could be that one or more samples are either too long or too short. It could also be that either the sample(s) or the main track(s) don't have a stready tempo or time signature. Without knowing what they are, it's difficult to answer.

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    Yes the samples are recorded from other songs they are not from Native instruments I have the two track decks playing (A-B) but when I press the pads to play my samples on top of tracks (A-B) the samples Sound not in sync or they go out of sync even tho I have sync activated I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but in virtual DJ is different everytime you hit the pads for a sample they are always in sync with your decks A or B.

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    Always make a video of the issue in that way it is possible to pick any small details you may have missed. Also what external Midi devices do you use?

  • zephry
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    A couple things...

    You need to have Quantize on and preferably set to 1 or 4 for anything that you intend to loop or trigger properly. Unless you are just really good. I definitely needed it on. From your picture it looks like Quantize is off in the remix deck.

    As mentioned above. The samples need to have some transients to be analyzed for the correct bpm. Always be sure to set the bpm of each sample to what the sample was when you bought it. Especially vocals or sounds need bpms set.

    The length of the sample needs to fit. Once the bpm is correct.

    The easiest way to get samples correct is to first put them in a track deck. Make sure they are looped and bpm is correct. Then drag and drop to remix cell. Rename right away. Play each sample 3 times to save. Sometimes the sample might need to be a bit chopped to fit the grid, loop, and bpm.

    If you are using 1 shots. The length and type isn't as big a deal. Quantize also can be left off.

    Another strange thing that can happen is any silence at the beginning of a sample is ignored when analyzed. Meaning offset bass or patterns might be short one beat. Or samples without defined transients might not be a perfect loop.

    For these samples with silence at the beginning I usually made sure they were long enough to adjust the start marker and then shorten the loop to fit. You can also adjust for one shots to trigger differently this way.

    Sorry I made a huge tutorial in the old forum on how remix sets worked saved. It can be pretty tricky.

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