How do I get my KK S61 MkII to transmit Program changes?

George Wood
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Hi guys,

Im planning to use my Komplete Kontrol S61 MkII to control Kontakt 7 live on my laptop.

I’ve been using Cantabile as a host (for all my VSTs). According to the experts it’s more efficient to simply use MIDI program changes as opposed to multiple instances of the same. VST.

I’ve created an instrument bank in Kontakt with about 20 patches / programs. Using the Komplete Kontrol software I can find the option to change the controller type to Program change, but that’s as far as I get, I can’t seem to connect the dots and assign buttons (or whatever) to allow me to send PGM change info.

Of course, I could be completely wrong and it simply isn’t possible to do what I need. If someone could explain, and pretend you’re talking to a stupid 5 year old I’d be incredibly grateful!

Kind regards,


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  • George Wood
    George Wood Member Posts: 10 Member
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    Many thanks,

    Actually figured it out last night; it turns out I needed to configure the template to transmit Program Changes from the 8 assignable button above the displays.

    There are a couple of pages so there are 16 slots by default, I can keep adding more pages if necessary but for my purposes 16 is plenty.

    Thank you so much for the quick reply, much appreciated.

    Kind regards,



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