Issues loading my software

i recently updated to the newest version of DJ PRO 3 and now as soon as i load my software it crashes and says " program not responding " i have a newer laptop from dell and it isnt slow or anything like that. very frustrating. need help pls


  • Black Cee99
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    Do you have it on the same hard drive where your OS is installed?

    Some programs work better when installed on a separate drive.

  • PoorFellow
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    Please do not let frustration be a hindrance for you posting correct and sufficient information !

    DJ Pro 3 ? You mean Traktor Pro 3 ? Then platform info ? OS ? , Hardware and software ? Newer laptop from Dell simply is not enough !

    With a problem such as what you describe you looking at people wanting to know all sorts of things about your installation , like Antivirus and other software that could influence the program , and also a DirectX report could be needed ? (I dunno)

    Dedicated Traktor Support is here ! :

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