Step mode not working on Maschine MK3.

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I think I may have a setting not quite right. When I try to input sounds in Step mode, instead of a sound being placed where I want it the display shifts to "Master Group Sound" and underneath is showing the Sampler icon. I followed the manual, held Shift and selected the sound I wanted, then went back into Pad mode. When I try to input a sound nothing happens except the screen changing to "Master Group Sound" with the Sampler icon. Every now and then I can get one sound input but that's it. Do I have a setting off somewhere? I can't find how to fix this in the Manual.

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    Have a look at this vid...

  • Beecee73
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    Thanks.I'd seen that video before. Turns out my problem was operator error. I was pressing way too hard on the pads which was causing the problem. As soon as I lightly pressed the pads I was off to the races.

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