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If I purchase from sweetwater, will i still get the 12 free expansions? Ni is sold out. Thanks! 

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    I am bit confused by the Sweetwater site not mentioning the offer , but they on the other hand cuts price with $200 , so I couldn't say for sure other than you would have to ask either N.I. support or Sweetwater support. But on the other hand then this site (zZounds.com) sells at same price as Sweetwater and they still promise the 12 free expansions (down right side) !!! So probably offer is also valid for Sweetwater. @Kaiwan_NI , could you please confirm that units sold by Sweetwater also is eligible for the 12 free expansions offer ?

    But generally then the offers on the N.I. site ought to be valid for all participating authorized sellers as long as it is a new purchase of a new unit made within the period of the offer (until January 15, 2024) and as long as the hardware is registered before offer hardware registration period expires (Quote: Hardware must be registered by January 22, 2024 )

    German Thomann is an example of such a seller : https://www.thomann.de/intl/native_instruments_maschine_501389.htm


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