A Sad Farewell to Traktor Pro 3 - Time for Change

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Hey Traktor fam,

Hope you're all doing well. It's a bit of a bittersweet moment for me as I share that I'm saying goodbye to Traktor Pro 3 after over 13 years. It's been a heck of a ride, but a few things have pushed me to this decision, and it feels like Native Instruments might be missing the vinyl DJ community.

1. No Love for Vinyl DJ Hardware:

Missing out on new hardware specifically crafted for vinyl DJs has been a downer. The vinyl experience is unique, and it's a shame not to see some fresh gear catering to that.

2. Ancient Hardware Woes (Traktor Kontrol Z2):

The Traktor Kontrol Z2 is officially vintage. It's over 10 years old, and what's even sadder, it's not being made anymore. In an industry that's all about the next big thing, this feels like a step back.

3. Double Laptop Drama with Z2:

Handling two laptops at once is a bit of a mission with the Z2. In a world where flexibility is the name of the game, this limitation feels like a missed beat.

4. Lack of Stems Support:

And oh, the absence of Stems support? It's like watching the party from outside when everyone else is inside enjoying the full experience. I know the feature Roadmap

After much soul-searching, I think it's time for me to try out Serato. It's not an easy decision after all these years, but it seems like Native might be overlooking us vinyl folks.

Big shoutout to everyone who's shared mixes, tips, and the occasional rant with me. You guys made the journey unforgettable. Here's to new adventures!

With a mix of nostalgia and excitement for what's next,




  • lord-carlos
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    Also worth to look at Virtual DJ and Algoriddim DJay. They can be very powerful and support a wide range of hardware.

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    I actually agree with you on all points and would also feel ripped off. But it was foreseeable and that's why I didn't register with pro +.

    As @lord-carlos already mentioned, I would also recommend djay Pro. There you have much greater hardware support and with Reloop a very close ally. All club standards are also fully supported. Meanwhile, the next version jump has already been announced. As of today they are teasing djay pro 5.0. The developers there are doing really good work and are progressing at a rapid pace with further development.

    Compared to the progress with Traktor, it's like day and night.

    Edit: To remain fair, I must certainly assume that there are obviously many more developers working than at Traktor.

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