Very simple question about the NI S88 mk2 Sustain Pedal - Port A

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Can anyone give me a definitive simple answer to whether or not the S88 Mk2 can send CC64/Sustain to a hardware synth when NOT connected to Komplete Kontrol or via USB? When my controller is connected via USB to the computer, the sustain works as it should in all of the software and when using VST's in my DAW. However, I have several hardware synths and sound modules in my studio and as soon as the 5pin DIN is connected and the USB is disconnected, the sustain stops working. As the CEO of a music technology company that deals specifically with keyboards and MIDI, I know my way around technology and the only thing I can presume is that this keyboard does not have the ability to retain any MIDI or CC assignments when it is used purely as a controller. Are my suspicions correct? If so, Arturia, here I come.


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    And if the mk2 cannot do this, does the mk3 have the ability to do this?

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