Why doesn’t my Komplete kontrol M32 keyboard work?

Joachim Member Posts: 1 Newcomer


Recently i bought the Komplete Kontrol M32 keyboard along with Komplete 14 select. Although I’ve sat with it for aproximately 8 hours While trying to fix this problem, I can’t.

The problem is, that When i plug in my keyboard to my pc and then into fl studio and then open up Komplete kontrol, the buttons don’t work as they should. I Can get the Keys to play the sounds they should, and i Can use the “Octave” buttons, and sometimes I Can use the “browser” button and sometimes not. But the Big problem is all of the button to the Left side of the keyboard don’t work. For example the “rec” and “play” and “stop” button plays a Sound from the instrument I’m Playing. The “metro” button doesnt even do anything. The knobs works fine now, after I’ve rebooted my whole pc.. but the problem with the buttons is still there.

I can’t use the keyboard properly.

there must be something I’ve done wrong. But I have the latest updated version of everything - Fl studio, Native Access, Komplete Kontrol, Kontakt etc…

Has anyone had the same problem?

PS - I have never tried a midi keyboard before, so I’m new to this. But it doesnt chance the fact, that i sat for 8+ hours trying to fix this problem.. I used YouTube, Reddit etc.. but I couldnt find someone with similar problem.


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