Plugins cannot be loaded

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I have already done the trobel shooting from NI because of M1 silicone and plugins.

I have set machine 2 to open with Rosetta.

Nevertheless, the following instruments cannot be loaded:

- Micro Prism


- Prism

- TRK 01 Bass

Error message: "XXX could not be loaded".

What can I do? 


  • Milos
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    Try to reinstall the plugins first.

    If it doesn't help, make a custom folder inside your PC, not on your desktop, cause some PCs could bug a little bit if you have a desktop folder for vst plugins.

    So, make a custom folder for This PC, then go to the File Management on NA to relocate the libraries to that folder you just created and then reinstall the plugins, but make sure you uninstall the duplicate vst's from older folder (sorry for the rhyme).

    I hope this helps anyhow.

  • Kymeia
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    edited November 2023

    These are all Reaktor ensembles so do you have an uptodate version of Reaktor installed?

    Also Reaktor is M1 native so why are you running Maschine in Rosetta unless you are still using VST2 plugins? I don’t think the latest Reaktor even comes as VST2 anymore so that might be the problem actually- you need to install the VST3

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