Vouchers ?? Ha!

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So I have vouchers to use against a purchase but sadly I can't use them on discounted plugs ?

I don't want something for nothing, but surly it doesn't matter if an item is discounted or not, it still means NI are treating this as a gift, as it cannot be transferred to someone else !

Nope It's just a bit of lip service that's pretty useless ... because if I wait for the item I wanted to return to the normal price, my voucher just means I will pay the deducted price as is now ?? so what's the point ... anyway, I've got too many plugs ... that's what the wife tells me ....

Pretty disappointing BooHoo😕


  • Milos
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    Try to contact NI support, maybe it will help.

  • SupaReels
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    Yer maybe .. they have been v helpful of late ..cheers🤔

  • PoorFellow
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    There are no need for you to contact support. Rules are as rules are. You did not misunderstand it. Vouchers per normal standard can not be used for discounted items or for hardware. And as you discovered then that means that vouchers for small amounts at normal prices are pretty useless compared to when going to a sale. The standard advice given from people here is that you can use the voucher for buying a cheap expansion pack where you then only will have to pay little. but if you have no need for that and do not want to buy anything not on sale then yes the voucher is pretty useless. Equally useless are the $29 discount price vouchers for Plugin Alliance plugins given with purchase of Komplete 14 , as that discount has been seen given to everyone at sales ! Though that you can argue that the vouchers will allow you to buy the plugins at the discounted price when you want as long as the voucher is valid that is !

  • JesterMgee
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    Vouchers are almost always useless and designed purely to get you to buy expansions for Maschine really. Cannot be used on any hardware, cannot be used on discounted or sale items, I also believe they cannot be used on bundled products either. Only full cost items which lets face it, who ever buys an NI product at the full website price instead of one of the many seasonal sales they have?

  • Jojo123
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    Yep, pretty useless. Just another sales tactic.

  • SupaReels
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    Thanx you guys,

    I have a lot ... really a lot of plugs ... just fancied the Nylon strung as I play the real version in the play room ...

    All the best


  • JesterMgee
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    I have a lot ... really a lot of plugs

    Yeah, don't we all.

  • gigino
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    Ciao a tutti

    quindi se ho capito bene: ho un buono NI di 25€, vorrei acquistare una espansione che oggi è in vendita a 24,50€ la pago comunque 24,50 anche se riscatto il buono NI?

    Grazie della risposta.


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