Audio glitch issue in Fourtechre !! PLEASE HELP

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Hi All!

I have used Reaktor and been loving it for many years, but there are a few ensembles I just can’t go get working correctly for my needs

So I have recently in this last year begun opening up the structures of the ensembles and messing with them myself. I have succeeded many times so far, but this one I just can’t get working for me. I am experiencing glitches with the fourtechre mk ii ensemble only with some of the voices. I have read up on even smoothers and found where the smoother was located in this ensemble, but it doesn’t affect the sound nor the glitches, only the main volume of the instrument. I have tried copying in several smoothers that works from other ensembles that I love (Mirage, Loupe, C&S Random etc), but with no luck. No matter were I connect those smoothers I still hear the glitches. I found out by default that the attack knob of the first “scene” wasn’t connect, but connecting it correctly only made the attack longer - But I still hear the glitches !!!!

This has been bugging me for a year + now, so really hope someone can help me out on what to do to not hear those glitches / noises clicks. It's the same issue with the Repexter ensemble. I am on a powerful new MacBook Pro M1 32 gb with the buffer size all the way up so that can’t be the issue.

I can't post any audio or links unfortunately but the glitches sound digital and exactly when you don't smooth the grains in other granular ensembles. They don't vary in sound but sometimes they are there and sometimes not, with the same settings using the same sample but playing from a different start point. I tried on various computers and other friend's reaktors it's THE SAME. Normally smooth would take care of this or raising the attack time, but none of this works and as stated in my first message i tried looking into the architecture but have no clue how to fix it. Other ensemble I got can fix it by smoothing the grains but doesn't work here!!!

Could some geek / expert please aid me - I love this ensemble but find it unusable over half the time :(

Fingers crossed!!!!



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