Primary level Quantize alternative in Core possible?

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Has anyone managed to recreate the mysterious quantize module from prime? How exactly does this module work and how could one get same result in core? How to edit the Smoother core macro to get the exact same values ?


  • Sunborn
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    I have this one in my user library, not sure where it came from or even if this is what you asked for, but, give it a try. :-)

  • colB
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    Interesting puzzle :)

    This gives a pretty much identical output given the same inputs.

    f2i is just a float input connected directly to an integer output to convert. The dup filters are only there to save cpu due to the audio inputs on those controls, you can ditch those if you switch to event inputs for GUI controls. You would need to switch the input port and output port to audio mode to use this as an audio effect.

    EDIT: the macro sunborn posted is basically the same with a slight optimisation, so maybe use that :)

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