dust covers for mk3

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Hi, not sure if I am missing a long running thread. But anyone done any recommendations or reviews of dust covers for mk3 and a jam? i figure its probably time to get one now that my kid shares my desk space.


  • ozon
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    Decksaver makes covers for each Maschine version and lots of other devices. Good quality that fits well and can take a beating. No warping, coloring or disintegrating even after years of standing in daylight.

  • awol9000
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    Decksaver is the way to go. Fast delivery from the UK. They can be found cheaper on Amazon (in Canada) than their website (UK).

  • Jiglo
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    I use Decksavers on everything of value these days that isn’t racked. Damaged 2 pieces of gear knocking a monitor on one and accidentally resting a heavy keyboard on another.

    Polyend gave a felt or microfibre cover with their Trackers when they were first released, but I found that using it a lot it wasn’t much use to me. I’m sure it would work better on a desk mind.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if my gear survived a roof collapse under the decksavers

  • D-One
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    I prefer Prodector over Decksavers, simply because the design is simpler without all those protruding cutouts. The only detail I don't like is the logo. Fits the Mk2, Mk3 and M+


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