Can't send midi notes from maschine to logic

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Hello everyone good evening, I'm new here although I've been producing music for many years, after saving and finally being accompanied by a good studio I decided to also include machine 2-mk3, komplete kontrol s49 mk2 and that's why I'm writing to you . Before acquiring the equipment I work with, I was and am surrounded by synthesizers but I wanted to make the leap to the latest native technology, my name is Ramon and my nickname is Raymondark in the world of music I live in Benicasim, Castellon (Spain) . I tell you I had a small compatibility problem in logic pro x , I have tried everything , routing , reinstallation of the system , web help , etc . I am writing to you since I have not been able to send midi notes to logic, I have komplete kontrol configured and with it I do send midi notes to logic but with machine it is impossible, I have followed all your steps and nothing, I attach screenshots of screen . Thank you very much and good night again. Excuse my spelling mistakes I have used the Imac translator.😐️


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    Maybe some @Jeremy_NI would know?

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    Hey Ramon,

    What is your operating system ?

    When you open the Maschine software in standalone, is everything functional ? Can you browse, play and control instruments, play and record a drum kit / groove ?

    When in Logic, are you able to play with the Maschine Plug-in ?

    Please make sure that both Maschine and Logic have Full Disk Access: How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS

    Did you load a specific template in Controller Editor ? I would recommend to load the default one. You can do that by selecting a new template, like here:

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    Enable all the Ports available that you see in your 2nd Picture.

    "Control Surface" Settings are just for "DAW Control", in this mode the MK3 shows a mixer on it's screen for the DAW and the Pads don't do anything.

    If you want o use MIDI Mode then just follow this guide:

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    hello good evening Jeremy_NI , D-One . Thank you very much for your answers D-One I have seen that video a few times before following the instructions without solution. the mixer always appears. Jeremy_NI opening maschine in independent mode there is no problem of operation, in the daw Logic control neither, I have confirmed full access to the disk to all the Apps of native instruments, the default template was selected but experimenting with the control editor I have created a template with colors by note , it already receives Logic Pro x recording signal . what is impossible for me is to reproduce the sound of the pad when I record, I indicate the operating system with a screenshot and the template that I have created. Thank you very much for your answers, Greetings.

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