Kits only showing up under User Content now. How to fix?

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I opened Maschine today on my laptop and noticed that my kits no longer show up in my Factory Library and instead I have to select the User Content button to access them all. This isn't how it appears on my desktop computer, so wanted to check and see if there's anyway this might cause issue when working on files between the two.

Here is what the factory section looks like currently:

Here is what the User Content section looks like:

Thanks for your help!


  • Milos
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    You can just use User Content button if it takes a short time opening it.

  • Milos
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    Or if you really want to move it to factory selection, i would recommend playing with settings for the folder location.

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    It looks like Maschine is not detecting the installation of your Expansions correctly.

    Open Native Access and see if it reports the expansions as correctly installed, click on one and see if the installation path is correct, click the folder icon and double-check if the folder opens and is correct.

    So the same in Maschine's Preferences, check if the path matches NA2 and exists. Do a ReScan.

    Report back.

    Or just try reinstalling one expansion to see if it fixes the problem.

    This is not helpful my friend, you're giving a lot of answers like this lately, are you trying to boost your rank or points or something?

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    I am just trying to help him anyhow.

    Second, you cannot really boost your rank if you post dozens of comments yet nobody likes or even checks them as an insightful or correct answer.

    If none of the answers were useful, I would be a watcher.

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