sample stops with releasing the key :-(

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probably a simple question: Where can I set a sample to sound until the end (e.g. crash) even if I release the key?

Thank you in advance!


  • Milos
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    You should record the Midi sample first as you like, then manually change the duration with piano roll.

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    You would probably do best in describing the situation , what software you use and what it is that you are trying to achieve by the use of the software (so that people may have alternative suggestions) .

    Else : I am not sure how well the following applies but it is the best I could come up with for now !

    E.g. then Cubase apparently got something called Midi gate which looks as if involving piano roll editing like described by Milos ! : Cubase 10 Midi Gate tutorial : , and :

    Apparently FL Studio have some function also : How to use MIDI sustain like in FL Studio? :

    Incidentally then there is another discussion about the use of samples over here where I myself discovered the existence of something for Reaktor called Form : FORM (Manual here) , which is part of Komplete 14 Standard or better (see section SYNTHESIZERS) , where it is suggested as a program to use to hold samples ! I have next to no understanding of Form but it is entirely possible that Form or something else Reaktor could be rigged to do what you want if one understands enough about the use of Form and Reaktor !

    Otherwise I am not entirely sure if the answer to that is an universal one , it might sometimes depend on the software used or even on the library used , so really I am not sure. What I do know is that sometimes some control units I think cut off sound as soon as they do not get any more 'gate' signal , others may keep playing for the period given by the ADSR (What is ADSR and how to use it? (Explained))

    How do I make a sound "last longer"? :

    QUOTE internet discussion : Adding sustain (without pedal) to piano in Kontakt 5 (plz help!)! : It depends on your DAW , you should ask this question on your DAW user group forum. But it's a matter of either adding more duration or manually insert a CC event for the sustain ( I forget the number)

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    Hi, thank you for your answers! Unfortunately, this doesn't really help me. Maybe I need to explain again. It's about the "Battery 4" tool in Cubase 11 Pro. There are crash samples that always play until the end of the sample, even when I release the key on my keyboard, and there are other crash samples that stop as soon as I release the key. There has to be a setting so that these samples also sound until the end after they are triggered. Or am I wrong?

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    You need to adjust your ADSR settings for each hit.

    Hit that pencil icon first, If you want the sample to play out completely turn the "VOLUME ENVELOPE OFF" and it will act like a ONE-SHOT... or open up the release or hold to get longer sound after letting go of the key. You'll get your desired outcome.

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