Editing automation data

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is it possible to edit value 2 precisely? Value 1 can be changed easily with the mk3 rotary control but I can only change the second value (and following) imprecisely with the mouse...

In this case value 2 should be 15.24. Absolutely not possible to enter...for me. :)


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    Maybe you should experiment a bit more with automation, and if you stumble somewhere or if the automation becomes a bit messy, just click the undo button (either ctrl+z or ctrl+y, depends on the keyboard type) to get back the previous process.

    Have fun automating!

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    Increase the size of the Modulation area and to have finer control, if you're on a small screen (laptop) you might have to decrease the size of the Ideias View or Arrnager Area.

    Or in the HW hold shift while rotating the Tune knob

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    Yes, increasing the Mod. area helps to finer control, but modifying automation values with the HW knob

    always also modifies value 1 (i.e. the overall/superior/fallback/default value). Precise automation levels are hard to enter this way

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    It's not Automation, it's modulation, the only reason I am correcting you is for you to get a better grasp of whats happening. Automation is absolute and in Maschine, only external, Modulation is relative to the knob's resting position.

    Yes, it's hard and annoying.

    I forgot that to record modulation there must be playback, this means that editing just that note's tune would be a pain, but if what you want is to tune the whole pattern then simply enable AUTO, and use shift+knob while the pattern is playing. Once you get to the right value hold the knob.

    Usually my advice would be to use the STEP menu, there you can locate that MIDI Note/Step, hold its Pad and then tweak the Tune with AUTO enabled but... in this mode shift+knob does not work for fine adjustments some stupid reason 🤷‍♂️

    On typical SW one can always right-click a value and enter it manually using a computer keyboard but Maschine overlords seem to hate anything keyboard and mouse-related.

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    Thank you for confirming my observation. 🙂

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