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tobias enstrom
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Is there a way to change the default sorting of playlists in Traktor Pro 3.4.1 254?

I can see you can consolidate in the current version but when I right click I just get a grey dot where I clicked.

I'm using a Mac with High Sierra as it's a vintage machine.


-EDIT- Being an idiot 🤦 It's not playlists. it's the folders.

I have Artists, Releases, Labels and Genres. Within these folders are lists. I want to sort the folder called Genre and the 'lists' within it by key and keep it like that. Is that possible or do I have to create playlists for each genre? (The latter seems rather a messy way of doing it)


  • Sunborn
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    Just click on the desired Tab!

    Also you can right-click on the main bar and add more tabs, like this:

  • Sunborn
    Sunborn Member Posts: 2,189 Expert

    Some examples on the same playlist:

    Shorted by BPM:

    Shorted by Key:

    Shorted by Time:

    ...and so on. Just click on the Tab you want. Your playlist will stay the same, until you change it again :-)

  • tobias enstrom
    tobias enstrom Member Posts: 5 Member

    Thanks for the reply Sunborn.

    I don't think I explained myself well.

    In this screenshot, you will see on the left I have some folders. When I expand any of those folders, I get 'lists', as you can see I've expanded the Genre folder and have selected the list called 90s.

    When I sort this list by Key, it's all good until I close Traktor and reopen it. The list is then back to how we see it in the picture.

    Is it possible to keep these lists sorted the same as when I closed Traktor?

  • Sunborn
    Sunborn Member Posts: 2,189 Expert

    These are not lists, neither folders.

    They are pre-defined Categories hard-coded inside the software.

    You can still short them as i told you above, but i don't know if it will lasts, i never use those categories

  • The Sarge
    The Sarge Member Posts: 104 Helper

    I organised my collection the same as @tobias enstrom and tried many things to find a sorting which stays after closing/re-open, but didn´t find a way - but hey, Tobias, it´s just 1 click to get it back, like @Sunborn showed you 😉

  • tobias enstrom
    tobias enstrom Member Posts: 5 Member

    Thanks Sarge.

    I have about 15 genres, it's a bit of a PIA to do that 15 times every time I use Traktor 😒

    I ended up creating playlists.

  • wayfinder
    wayfinder Member Posts: 328 Guru

    I would call this a bug, actually - genre playlists do not remember sort order across sessions, other playlists do.

    If you use smart playlists and choose the condition "Genre = 90s", you won't have to update the playlists every time you add new tracks to the genre. It will still be a little work though, no way around it.

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