Merge account and have credit back or refund

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Hi, I would like some help please. I created a Native Access with one email and few days later I did the same (created an account) on the N.I. web site but used a different email. Then a week later I bought the Software " Prism"(believing I had only a demo version), but now I realise that I actually already had Prism - bought in the other account. I would like a refund for the erroneous second purchase. I have opened a ticket with no answer so far. Do you know of a way I might merge the two accounts, also get a refund for the unneeded software? Thank you.



  • Sunborn
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    This is a very common mistake. You should only have one NI account, otherwise you will always have various types of problems.

    Opening a ticket was the right step, but you should wait few days, since now is the Cyber Season and NI personnel is extremely busy with lot of requests (maybe even thousands).

    About a refund, is totally up to them, since it is clearly your mistake and not theirs.

  • QuintoSounds
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    Thank you for you response.

    i know that I made a mistake and I think it will be kind of them if at least give me a chance to have a credit to buy something else I may need in the future.

    Happy days!

  • D-One
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    NI support is usually very accommodating with this sort of stuff, just have some patience and I'm sure they will sort you out.

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