Traktor S4 MK3 - crossfader replacement



I would like to know if anyone tried (and succeeded) to replace the stock crossfader of the Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3 with the mini Innofader Plus?

My crossfader recently started "bleeding". With the unit still in warranty I contacted NI Hardware Support and they are asking for a ridiculously high amount of money (repair + shipping + duty customs, all of that on me) and you get a mediocre crossfader that costs more and performs worse than the competition (Innofader, MagFour from Rane or Magvel Pro from Pioneer). Coming from sending mini Innofader replacements for the Z2 mixers who had crossfader bleeding issues to users for FREE a few years back to this now, it's unacceptable for me and the cost of the whole repair would essentially come up to half the price of the new S4 MK3 unit (repair + shipping + custom duties since I live in Bosnia that's not an EU country unfortunately).

I am now looking for alternatives and on the Innofader site they say that the mini Innofader Plus is compatible and working with the S4 MK3, but I couldn't find any user feedback on forums if anyone tried it and what's their experience. Any info is welcome.

Best regards!


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