Traktor Kontrol S3 + MAX MSP

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I would like to make an input from Traktor kontrol S3 to MAX 8/MSP (map few buttons, fader and potentiometers). I know that ppl use [midiin] and [midiparase] to get some data but the problem is that I can see traktor S3 in midiin component. I suppose this controller is hard to cooperate because even different dj software (than dedicated) needs java script file to basically turn it on - lights etc. (without that I can see only small light next to MIC D, the same that is visible when controller is connected only to electricity...). FLX buton doesn't react at all in this "non light" mode and works when Traktor dj software is on, but not for different device that dedicated one.

What's more... I found java script that turns on and map S3 kontroler in Mixxx (non-profit dj software project). Maybe this is a way to get it to work?

My question is how to do it?

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