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Hello everyone,

is it possible to use two effects while playing a let's say a Synth like this:

  • with the Perform effect "Filter" to build up the volume and thennn directly without a pause using
  • the Perform "Stutter" effect?

My guess is I have to create two Groups with the same Synth and each Group has another Perform FX (Filter / Stutter or whatever), right? But how to switch with ease and while performing / recording?

Thank you guys, have a sunny one!


  • Impermanence
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    One way would be to add performance Fx to another group and then route the first group into the second one. If you have Jam you can access both fx simultaneously. If you have mk3 you have to change group.

    And you can set macros in master level that control the fx parameters.

    edit. I dont know how to do this with Mikro mk3.

  • McClaneonfire
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    Thank you for this!

    I came up with another way:

    1. I use just 1 Group, in that Group
    2. I do Midi learn with another Filter effect with my Keyboard

    So now I can turn a knob on my Keyboard (Yamaha Reface CP, nice thing!) connected to the Filter FREQ (might be the same as the Perform FX controlled with the Smartstrip). Also I have the Perform FX Stutter on the Smartstrip. Whoooop 🤩

  • Peter Harris
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    I remember reading in its documentation that if you have Jam you can actually have up to eight Perform FX.

  • AlluringSkull
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    Unfortunately I think your still limited to one performance FX per group even with jam. Not sure why but that is all im able to do without routing the audio. Seems like a pointless limitation.

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