Exporting sounds with Group FX intact?

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Has there been any developments with how to export sounds with Group FX intact?

At the moment it still looks like I need to solo each sound in each kit and do a Group Export -- is that still the standard way to export stems with the FX of their respective kits intact?

I keep digging into old forum discussions here and on Reddit thinking there must be an easier way I'm not grasping. This has been seriously bottlenecking my recording. If there is an easier way, please enlighten me!

Thanks so much.



  • D-One
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    Yep, nothing has changed.

    TBF, I haven't even seen DAW's tackling this issue, usually a Grouped track/bus just exports that whole bus as a single .wav while the individual tracks inside it have the Group/Bus fx bypassed. If the likes of Ableton, Logic, etc don't have a workaround for this i seriously doubt Maschine is gonna be the first.

  • Eklethe
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    @D-One thanks for your response. Happy to know this is a closed case at least. 😅

    Curious - is this how you personally typically migrate projects from Maschine to DAW? I’ve read some posts where people just export the master, but I typically send out tracks to be mixed once they’re “done”.

  • D-One
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    No prob. Solos + one Pad at a time is the only way for people who want to mix their track in another software.

    Note - It will change how some things sound, an FX on a Group receives the whole Group's audio summed, so it reacts accordingly, when you solo it's only reacting to each individual track so for things like compression, distortion, etc... will sound different, if you're picky about mixing this is a major PITA.

    For this reason, I generally either avoid using Group FX on Maschine or, I just use non-Maschine specific fx, this way once the tracks are on the DAW I can Group them and use the same plugins with the same presets so everything sounds exactly the same.

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