Maschine mk3 not responding

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Dear Community, My mk3 started with the last knob (from left to right for searching sounds, etc) NOT selecting the SELECTED sound, etc but others instead like if it were loose. At the same time the left screen started changing quickly from one screen to another like if I was pressing other bottons. After a few days like that a line appeared in the left screen as shown in picture and now not turning on at all. Please help! This hardware is been always very well cared. Never dropped it or been using it a lot! I can say I always used only the power from the Mac. I’m in Costa Rica. Thank you so much!



  • D-One
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    The buttons pressing themselves could indicate internal shorts, looks like some major hardware failure, is it under warranty?

    The screen issue is quite odd, dead pixel lines usually cover the whole screen in one direction not just a portion.

    I would not turn it on anymore to avoid further dmg, contact hardware tech support, you will probably have to send it to NI for repair 😬

    You could also try normal debugging things like reinstalling Maschine Sw, using a different USB cable, different port, etc... Low chance of that helping tho.

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    Definitely sounds like you need to contact NI.

    Curious, do you have air conditioning where you live?

    This sounds like something that could be caused by constant exposure to high humidity.

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