Am I switching instruments in a wrong way ?

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Hi, this will probably be a dumb question but I am kinda lost with navigating between instruments in Kontakt 7.

So I recently bought KOMPLETE 14 Standard and I tried using Kontakt 7 to try out plugins. I first open a plugin with the arrow on the top right corner from Kontakt 7 :

But then on every plugin page I can only switch to the next instrument with right and left arrows. I can't actually see all the instruments :

Which is really tedious in big plugins with a lot of instruments. I'd like to actually see all of them and pick one from a dropdown list, but the down arrow, which I thought would do that, only shows "Instruments Quick-Load is empty !"

I found a way to get a drop down list of all plugins instruments, by clicking this :

Which adds this panel to the left :

However from there, when I click on any instrument from any plugin, I get this error :

So what am I doing wrong ? Is this error normal ? (FL Studio and Kontakt 7 are both up to date and I have already tried reinstalling both)

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  • Sunborn
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    -The plugin is the instrument.

    -You are actually change presets of the current instrument.

    -The panel on the left, is the way to change an instrument.

    -About your error code, i can not help much, since i do not use FL Studio and i don't know your computer configuration.

    However, an "Access Violation" indicates a computer problem, not an FL or Kontakt. 00007FFA.... it might has to do something with your sound card (maybe an old Scarlett??), maybe old drivers or some other kind of incompatibility

  • PlumeDeMouton
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    Alright, thanks for the clarification. Then, my question would be : what is the usual way to navigate between the presets of an instrument ?

  • Sunborn
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    Answer ✓

    by reusing your image, usually is this one:

    or by simply drag n drop from the left panel :-)

    or, if you click "LIBRARY" on the top, the new screen shows all presets on a list on the right side, then you choose the instrument first and you see its presets only... then just double click

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