Option to have HDD or SSD included with purchase of Komplete 14?

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So I'm interested in getting either K14 Standard or K14 Ultimate. I know older versions of Komplete came with an HDD with the software preinstalled, but I don't really see the option anymore. Is that just not an option anymore? I'd prefer it came with, but I could go with Standard and buy an external HDD/ SSD seperate if needed, but it seemed like for similar sale prices, they used to ship an external with the software. Thanks in advance.


  • A1cPeanut
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    I got my first one on a HD. Very helpful. I was looking for that option too. Bigger problem is if you have a M1 MacMini and you hope to have enough free internal disk space to install many of the packages. Session Horns Pro wants 44 gb free internally for a library less than half that size. Even after installing the smaller ones on my exterior drives (I have Terabytes free) the install HAS to use the internal first. MacMini's all ship with woefully small memory and disk space (non upgradeable) even though they are plenty fast enough. NI seems lazy I in my opinion when it comes to many customer service problems. If you have a problem and a deadline and are trying a new install, it's like using Amtrack... have a plan B.

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    It was shipped on disk, but it wasn't preinstalled on the disk. The disk contained all the installers to save you downloading but you still had to install them on either your internal or external disk.

    -- Mike

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    i don’t believe a HD option is available anymore.

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