Does someone know how to use the pitch shifter in Guitar Rig?

scarlato Member Posts: 6 Newcomer

Hey guys, I'm trying to reach the Bad Omens "Artificial Suicide" tone and tuning. The song is in E standard but a whole octave down. My guitar is tuned in C standard, and I put -8 on the max, the pitch and mix on 100%, and the others at zero cause I don't know what they do. The tuning I think is right, but my tone sounds really distorted (in a bad sense) and ill-defined. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I'm really bad with tones, pedals, and everything


  • Wouter De Muynck
    Wouter De Muynck Member Posts: 208 Pro

    Did you check the effect manual: This explains the individual parameters.

  • scarlato
    scarlato Member Posts: 6 Newcomer

    yes, I checked but I still don't understand, like I know I need to go up or down semitones to reach other tunings, but should I use shift and detune at the same time? what is the difference between them, what is the difference between min and max? and the mix and pitch, should I always leave both at 100% to achieve the tuning I want? I understand, for example, that if I'm in C standard and I want to reach E standard an octave lower, I must go down 8 semitones, but I don't understand the whole setup. I'm not native English so some terms in the manual I end up not understanding

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