Traktor pro 3 w. S2MK2, cdj2000nexus & nexus 2

DjChairman Member Posts: 1 Newcomer


I m running pro3 (3.5.3 303) on Monterey 12.1. Yes I do know these are all older versions.

Depending on the venue I dj weekly using either an S2Mk2 or my Mac connected with cdj2000nexus2 (w. Aggregator 104), with no issues.

Recently I tried connecting my Mac to cds2000nexus(1) using again the aggregator etc. but when I loaded a track on deckB, deckA stopped playing. I made sure that decks were on a different midi channel and did everything I do when I play with the nexus2.

Is it an update issue? What pro 3 version is safe to update to, so i can continue using all the set ups I come across (s2mk2, nexus, nexus2) ?

Thanks in advance


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