How to optimize Maschine MK3 for Logic pro X as stand-alone Midi controller??

JKavalier Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

When using Maschine software standalone or as a plugin, the Maschine pads play like a dream. Perfect sensitivity and so much fun.

But when I try to use the hardware in MIDI mode In Logic (or Ableton for that matter) the pads aren't anywhere near as sensitive as they are when using the maschine 2.0 software or plugin. Even with a MIDI FX setting velocity to maximum, I have to hit the pads so much harder when using any plugin within Logic other than than Maschine. I have tried the Controller Editor and it didn't help much.

I know I am not alone with this issue when searching other forums and Reddit.

Native Instruments people maybe reading this: it's really frustrating to purchase a not-inexpensive piece of gear and have something so basic be such as hassle.


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