S4 MK3-USB cable upgrade ?

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Hello, in order to achieve a better sound, I would like to swap the original USB cable for a better one (e.g.: Audioquest Diamond or something like that)...does that do anything??.....and what about it Power supply ??....better power strip (mains filter, etc.)...can a better sound be achieved through these measures???....and the last question: S4MK3 output via a Neumann MT48: will I have a better one? Sound??

Thank you for your answers!!!....My goal would simply be if I record with the S4MK3, and then compare the songs with the original file in iTunes, then I just want to have the same audio quality!....Clarity, Dynamics etc.......the S4MK3 is ideal for mixing....Merci!!!!!!


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    Hopefully i understand correctly what you wrote, because i used a translator (btw, is better to write in English, so everyone can understand you :-) )


    USB cables and power supplies has nothing to do with the quality of sound. Audio cards has.

    Theoretically Neumann MT48 is a top quality interface with superior sound quality. But S4MK3 is also a top quality product. Technically speaking, Neumann MT48 is better, however, in real life you will not see or hear any difference.

    Conclusion: If you are a studio professional with highest demands, go for the Neumann, otherwise, it really doesn't matter which one you choose. Practically speaking, is better to do it directly through S4MK3.

    However, keep in mind that, a professional with highest demands, will never-ever use iTunes quality!

    Hope it helps... :-)

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    Hello "Sunborn", I'll try a translator now!

    My question is simply if I would get a better recording quality in Traktor 3, with a different ( better) USB cable.

    In many forums I read that people use different cables for the different connections of Dj mixers, amplifiers, DAP's etc. or even to active speakers, if you can afford it, use better, usually silver-plated cables to achieve better audio performance.

    I don't buy audio files in iTunes anymore !...I only buy AIFF files via Beatport !!!.....in iTunes I only create playlists for Traktor !!!

    And do you think that e.g. audio network filter strips, such as (Fisch Audiotechnik AFL-reference line, etc.), to which I would then connect the S4MK3, would not improve the sound performance? ...... Thank you very much for your efforts to help me!

    And regarding the Neumann MT48. 

    So my idea would be to connect the Traktor S4MK3 to the MT48, and from this to the active speaker !....then a better sound (clearer, more dynamic etc.) should come out than if I connect the active speakers directly to the S4MK3, right ??

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    Hello Hannes,

    Answer for cables:

    Answer for audio network filter strips:

    I am not an expert on network audio and i might be wrong, but as far as i know, they may increase sound quality but only if you streaming them. However, if you just download the files, there are no differences.

    Answer regarding Neumann:

    More dynamic? Yes. Cleaner? 99% No.

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