How to Programm A NI D2 Volume Faders

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Good day Mastertraktorians,

I badly need to Map hard code my D2 into making the volume slider to be used as Volume per deck of 4, much of a stand alone D2 :) Help me please :) I want to use the top knobs as Tempo Adjustment and the Volume Slider will be individual sliders when using 4 Decks ( NOT REMIX )


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    Much thanks Sunborn will check it out right away, cheers mate!

  • LDIV
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    This is what I plan to do for my dream map, help me!

  • Sunborn
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    I don't have a D2 unit, so i can not provide more detailed help, unfortunately.

    However, you can edit any command you like, through Traktor --> Preferences --> Layout manager

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    Much thanks to you Sunborn, have a wonderful day!

  • Sûlherokhh
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    For other seekers, my pm quote:

    Go to Preferences➔Controller Manager and select your D2 mapping from the device dropdown menu.

    Now you can add overmapping assignments to the (empty looking) mapping. Press 'Add In...' (at the bottom) and select the needed assignments: Go through the list until you find tempo adjust controls (in the deck section) and volume controls (in the mixer section).

    Now you need to select corresponding control element of your d2 and assign which deck's control each assignment refers to. For tempo control with the endless encoder you have to select mode: relative and a percentage value that corresponds to the sensitivity of the control. For the volume control with the faders, select mode: direct.

    All assignments have to have the check box 'override' checked.

    Deactivate the touch controls of the faders and encoders in Preferences➔D2.

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