Does the K12 Select to K12 upgrade apply to Kontakt 6 to K13?

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Hey guys,

I found out that I can crossgrade my Middle East license to Kontakt 6 for a big discount. I have also been offered a "K12 Select to K12" upgrade by a third party. Is this upgrade equal to the "Kontakt 6 to K13" upgrade (aka would the former be applicable in my case)?

My preffered upgrade/crossgrade path would be: Middle East -> Kontakt 6 -> K13 (or K12 if that is the case, idrc).

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  • Nico_NI
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    If I understand your case correctly, indeed your best upgrade path would be the one you mentioned.

    You won't be able to upgrade to K12 with Kontakt 6, it will be K13.


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