Session Guitarist Electric Mint: CC112 controls both Vibrato Speed and Poly/Mono

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Hi there,

while programming a guitar part, I noticed the same MIDI controller CC 112 for Vibrato Speed (which I like to keep set to Fast - Tremolo bar) also switches the instrument between Poly and Mono.

In other words, I'm using both features (since my solo goes between sustained notes with vibrato, and single notes using hammer-ons, that is the articulation available only when set to Mono), but those conflict together and ruin the performance.

At the moment I'm unaware if this applies to the other Session Guitarist libraries as well.

Hope this will get fixed as soon as possible, in the meantime if anyone has a workaround for this, it would be very much appreciated!



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    I have Electric Mint (Strat), the Les Paul, and the Tele and will check this out for you later (if I can remember). I think they all work the same.

    I;d like to suggest you look elsewhere for your soloing guitar. I came upon Stratus from Impact SoundWorks and it does so much more than Electric Mint as far as articulations go and sounds really convincing. I now use my NI guitars as rhythm guitars and for the patterns..I think that is what they are good for. Also on my rig, Electric Mint wont play the entire fretboard range. Missing is the high range where a lot of soloing happens

    I don't know what controller you are using or even if the NI Controller Editor still works but maybe you can change the cc value if using a NI keyboard?

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    Ok I checked this out before I forgot

    My Electric Mint works as one would expect if I am understanding you properly. Mine doesn't switch from Mono to Poly w.o manually changing it. Seems like somehow whatever controller/keyboard you are using has been set w. those midi assignments...or some other vst loaded has done that? A quick workaround would be if you can midi assign the Tremolo slider in Mint?

    BTW Stratus lets you change pitch bends by up to 12 semitones. The NI guitars are 2 semitones only. I suggested to Stratus they give us an additional option in their next upgrade. To be able to make the pitch bends up 2 semitones and down by up to 12 much like a real guitar player would do. vibrato=2 semi tones up and whammy down up to 12. I bet they do that. In the mean time I found a Kontakt script that does just that but am having troubles w. Kontakt so not touching anything until they fix their Kontakt issues..Stratus is now on version 3.5 and most of my NI Instruments are stuck on version 1 and some of them I;ve had for a long time. They are NKS compatible and have a demo available. I am in no way affiliated with Impact Soundworks..I just think they make great stuff and they are very responsive and do very interesting things..their Stratus vst is really inspiring I think

    Hope this helps out

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    I'm using a Komplete Kontrol S61 mk2, but am not quite sure about what you're suggesting to do, since I'm programming everything from the piano roll editor in Cubase.

    Also, I realized that I can't use MIDI learn in Session Guitarist interface to reassign the vibrato or poly/mono to other CCs, and I can't automate them in any way, since Cubase doesn't react to those features at all.

    I can use my mouse to change it during playback, but that won't solve the problem when exporting the track.

    The only workaround I can think of is to not use the vibrato, and just use the pitch wheel instead... but it's a shame since the vibrato sounded very natural.

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    gotcha...I misunderstood. I don't do anything in the piano roll, but use some automation with Bitwig and that seems to work fine for the things I do. good luck

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    edited November 14

    Ok this is weird. I'm working in another project and I'm able to use the Learn Midi function on everything, so that's not a problem anymore.

    I guess something didn't work properly in the instance I had loaded in my previous project, but at least now I know I can assign custom CCs to all the controls.

    So basically it's fixed.

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