How to remove a product from the Native Access "Install" page?

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I have accumulated a few 'duplicate' products due to some products, which I already had, coming with new bundles. Now these products show up in the "Install" page on Native access. I do not want to install them, as they were already installed before the new version was added to my Native Access account.

How to remove those from the list?


  • Sunborn
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    Unfortunately you can not remove nothing. This is your purchased products so, they can not be removed (unless you transfer a license to someone else).

    Indeed it is kind of annoying, to get for example Traktor Pro 3 and still have in your account a 10 year old Traktor LE 2, but... they are still yours....

    However i recall a conversation, some months ago, where one of the admins said "they might give us the chance to get rid of archaic or duplicated products, at some point"....

  • lahatte
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    Thanks. They do really need to provide an option for specified products to be ignored for NA.

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    Somewhere in the thread about the 'new' Native Access app they mentioned a future-feature for 'hiding' individual products. For hiding 'legacy' products there's already an option in preferences.

    = = = =

    [EDIT] searching the forum is a bit of a pain, but this is a posting I was looking for... unfortunately Dev team just took it into consideration at that point in time:

    => Jump to comment in topic

    Maybe @Hayo_NI has an update on this particular request...?

  • lahatte
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    Those are indeed great suggestions.

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    If it's something you have a separate key for, you could use the license transfer page to remove it from your account (and maybe even sell it!)

  • lahatte
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    Can I transfer a license to limbo? I don't know if I could sell these, but I will investigate. Good idea.

  • reffahcs
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    Yeah +1 to hiding things. I hate that I keep seeing Kontakt 6 Player in NA when I already own the full version of Kontakt 7

  • Hayo_NI
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    Update on the hiding feature: we're chatting about it. There's a lot of things in motion at the moment. Some work has been done and we've had a few feature flow discussions, but we've got other commitments at the moment to focus on (such as shipping our download manager upgrades, a few other performance and security updates, etc.). As such the "Hide" feature remains in a "parked" state.

    I do have a POC ready that at the very least covers it for install/install all. However, there's some workflows we need to refine, such as how it interacts with individual state updates (hiding player, then buying full, or buying an upgraded version of the product, etc.). One thing we want to improve on (that's mentioned in the thread) is overriding the existing product with the better version so that you don't own two versions of the same product. We have product identifiers in-app, and by hiding the product corresponding with said identifier, if we override the better version of said product we essentially still have that product hidden and our users will be confused where their products are.

    Other updates while I'm at it on that thread shared above:

    • Moving products is a challenge as well, and not one we're able to get to just yet. It's on our list, but it's not in motion. It's a very tricky and delicate operation, with a lot of individual intricacies to navigate. It's still something we'd like to build, just lacking the proper time and priority to do so. We will however improve the installation flow at some point early next year which should give you more agency on where you install, but no updates exactly on when we choose to commit to it.
    • We do plan on revisiting how we handle improved versions of existing products. Bear with us as we're navigating this now.
    • Offline activation: for perpetual license owners we shouldn't need to authenticate further. This entire year we've been working on our activation flow, and we've made major improvements, especially following 3.2.0, on how we activate. Right now, it should be the case that if you installed a product, we activate it, and that should be that provided your NTK Daemon is logged in. If that is not the case, then please let me know, so we can look into this. For subs users, on startup you'll need to be connected to wifi for this process, as it is time sensitive considering it's technically a license you rent. We'll be iterating on that shortly as well, though we plan to stick within these parameters.

    Hopefully this provides a bit of insight. We are listening. Just a whole lot going on right now :)

  • lahatte
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    Thanks Hayo,

    Just an FYI of an example, I have Ozone Advanced. I later bought a product that contained Ozone Elements which I do not need, but NA shows it needing to be installed.

    Just so you know.


  • reffahcs
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    Thanks for the update and understand you guys are trying to rack and stack priorities. I tried to edit my post but it's too late. I said I hate that I see KP 6, but of all the things it's honestly more of a minor nuisance, hate was definitely too strong of a word.

    Also, I posted in another thread something that may or may not help your team prioritize tasks. But Asobo/Microsoft seem to have a pretty good system going with a community voting system. They actually have a pretty good system worked out in my opinion. Perhaps your devs/managers might want to adopt a similar process?

    So it's pretty cool actually. They've broken it down into two distinct categories. Bugs and Wishlist features. People (users/customers) vote on what they consider the most important bugs and features and that's what Asobo uses to prioritize their efforts. Likewise people are free to say "I'd really like you to add a pink elephant airplane" but if nobody votes on it, it's probably not going to make it into the game. Food for thought, it seems to work well for them, and it seems like helps get a clearer picture instead of trying to count forums posts that complained about feature XYZ or a feature that one user might have suggested but nobody else actually cares about.

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