Strange behavior on Maschine Plus when slaving from external MIDI clock (MAS2-28268)

Rhythm Droid
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Has anyone else noticed this:

When slaving Maschine+ from an external MIDI source, upon receiving a MIDI Start message, Maschine+ will begin playing but DROP certain notes existing at the beginning of a the KICK DRUM for instance? The notes existing on the first step of the first bar are kind of...uh...musically important?

Am I doing something wrong, or did this really not get caught in testing before product launch?

I'd much rather find out I'm the stupid one, here ; )


Rhythm Droid



  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @Rhythm Droid Unfortunately this is a known bug on Maschine Plus. It is identified and being investigated. I don't have a date regarding a fix, though. What device are you using for the Master clock ? Some users were able to get around the issue by using Ableton's Link.

  • Dimitar
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    It strange,

    sometimes its connected and receive the external clock , but sometimes doesn't react

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