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Hi all

I just did an update of everything via Native Access (had to re-download that first because it kept freezing) and now I have no software instruments playing via Komplete Kontrol.

I had numerous NI instruments (including Piano and acoustic guitar) plus Realibanjo (via Kontact, I believe) and a mandolin from Spitfire Audio Labs.

Now I have nothing playing other than drums (Presonus Studio One Impact XT), bass (real) and Lap Steel (real)

What's happened? All my music is destroyed!

Also, is this a forum or will this be read by a tech within Native Instruments?


Mike Hill


New Zealand.

Now Sorted. Still not 100% sure what I did wrong, then what I did right but I have all my sounds back, though Komplete Kontrol looks different, but I guess that's the update.


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