Can't add tracks to Traktor 2

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Windows 10 - Having used Reaktor and Massive for many years decided to try Traktor 2 (2.41 (478)). Installed OK from Native Access (1.14.1 (R156)). When I drag and drop any kind of song file into the "Drag tracks from your computer here" area sometimes it says "installing" and nothing lands there - other times it won't allow the drop.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled and have run it as administrator.



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    First: Traktor 2 is extremely old. You should expect some kind of incompatibility with the modern systems.

    Second: All those years i use Traktor, i never saw such an option "Drag tracks from your computer here". Where on Earth did you see that? ...maybe is on the "preparation list" which i never use since years?

    Best way is to create your track collection and analyze every single track, then you are good to go, no need for drag and drops. :-)

    Just navigate to your music folders (from inside Traktor!) and use the "import to collection" command. ;-)

    EDIT NOTE: Drug & drop do work (first time i tried that, out of curiosity, since over a decade 😋)! However, for this to work, your music should be in a folder with read/write access (i use my D: drive). If you drag n drop from a system folder (or from a read-only folder) it won't work.

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