Hardware Connection Service (failing)

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So, I've followed all the instructions for installing my Kontrol S61 Mk3 for Mac.

Entered Serial number fine (Still saying enter number on keyboard screen)

Downloaded everything and updated all the software fine.

It won't let me download the Hardware Connection Service. It says it could be something to do with granting full access. I've granted full access and it's still not working.

I've followed all the troubleshooting tips and still nothing.

I've seen a few people have had the same problem but has anyone found a solution yet?




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    At this point it is hard to even know where to begin.. People are having all kind of problems and report all kinds of reasons for improvement :

    Please notice that solutions to some problems in connection with peoples Kontrol S Series MK3 keyboard have include both using other and better USB-C cable than what were supplied from factory and also attaching a self-powered USB C hub between keyboard and Computer and on top of that also attaching an USB-C power supply to the Keyboard USB-C power port... Also notice that any cable used between keyboard and computer must be capable of transmitting data not just power...

    Only some of the following is about MAC but still some of it might have relevance .

    New Kontrol S MK3 bricked during firmware update : https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/comment/105052#Comment_105052

    Are certain functions not supported on windows 10? : https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/18107/are-certain-functions-not-supported-on-windows-10/p1

    New S61 MK3 failed install on Mac.: https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/comment/104940#Comment_104940

    MK3 Keyboard S61 : https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/comment/105020#Comment_105020

    I am just another user here in this forum and if my input were not of help then contact support , either N.I. general support or N.I. hardware support !

  • Rob1614
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    Yeah I don't think it's the cable because I updated the keyboard to the latest software, which worked totally fine with no errors. I think I've tried everything that they tell you to do.

    I've sent a support request. So hopefully someone can help soon as this sucks.

    Thanks for your help anyways.

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    Rob, I am experiencing the exact same problem. Registered fine. Updated the firmware with no problem. Tried downloading the hardware connection service and keep getting a message to grant full disk access to Native Access and NTKDaemon, which I have done. I've seen suggestions that your DAW and audio engine also be granted full disk access. Tried it and still no dice. My new S61 MK3 also stuck on enter serial number screen. I am using an iMac 27" 5K Retina (2020) and OS 11.7. Have put in a ticket and will share if /when I get a response. Despite the collective frustration, at least it's good to know that I probably don't have a defective keyboard, but rather a software problem. Was contemplating an OS update to Ventura on the off chance that Big Sur is just a little too dusty...but hate to mess with a system that is otherwise fine. Please let me know if you find out anything Rob.

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