Advices for building new Windows Pc for Traktor Pro 3

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After 10 years with my old laptop,im thinking of buying a desktop PC for traktor pro 3.

Im using Traktor z2 with timecodes (vinyl and cds) and an x1. Most of times im using 4 decks

(2 midi,2 timecode) and im using a lot of effects.

I wanna build something powerfull to play smoothly (even when im scratching).

The specs will be



Im confused about the cpu and the gpu.

Its better a cpu with onboard graphics (such as Intel core i7 11700K) without a dedicated graphics card or a cpu without on board graphics (such as Intel core i7 11700KF) with a cheap dedicated graphics card with 1-2 GB RAM?

Im looking forward for your help.



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    Integrated GPU should do. AMD has better integrated GPUs than Intel. And new Zen3+ integrated GPU is comparable to cheaper dedicated GPU cards.

    If you do not need to build PC now, Zen 3+ APU may come in few months. But it uses DDR5. On the other side it has a new socket, that will be used for several generations of processors.

    If you insist on DDR4 or do not want wait, look at Zen3 APU Ryzen 7 5700G. I have computer with this very CPU and it is stronger than M1, does not need much energy, so it is easy to cooldown, so it is silent. It has decent iGPU (better than Intel). So far I am very happy with it,

    I used miniPC barebone. It is very small (15 x 15 x 8 cm), but still one may fit two NVMe SSDs and two SATA discs. Easy to transfer if needed. One may use 3 displays.

    ASRock > DeskMini X300 Series

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