I can't install Ozone 11 Equalizer ("path not valid" error)

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Hi. can someone please tell me how to instll the new Ozone 11 Equalizer?

It appears in the Native Access software but I get the same message which is "path not valid". I have already tried multiple locations, which is all Native Instruments folders, whether it's Documents, Common Files, Program Files, Program Files(x86), etc. I've tried them all. But the message remains the same:

"The library path is invalid, please read how to fix this"

And I have already set my Preference as explained when in the Solutions sections. But none of those methods helped. I also disabled my Anti-virus as well as my Windows Security. And I don't know why I'm unable to install it, because I have other plugins installed in Native Access Activation Tool Application. I've attached screenshots to show that I do have other plugins installed and running with no issues except for the Ozone 11 Equalizer.

As you can see, at the time I took these screenshots, two plugins was updating, and Kontak Player was busy re-installing. And the location for most of these plugins is in my "C: Drive/ User/ Documents/ Native Instruments" folder.

Any help will be very much appreciated.



  • Monochrome
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    It asks for the path to a Kontakt library, but Ozone 11 Equalizer isn't one.

    You should select the actual folder of the product in question and not the general path where all of your products lie - i.e. "C/Users/Home/Documents/Native Instruments/<library name>", not "C/Users/Home/Documents/Native Instruments".

    Note that you may want to install Native Access 2, as Ozone 11 Equalizer cannot be installed via the old legacy Native Access 1 (source):

  • zeus117
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    Well, you should update the legacy Access then, since many of us needed to downgrade to that in order to access our products! Latest version of Native Access is a mess and does not even log in anymore!

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