How to change decay, sustain, cut off ... on expansionss

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Hello !

I would like to change the decay, the sustain, the cut off or some other stuff with the sounds included in the expansions I get but it's 'kind of limited'. Do you have a trick about that or a plug in to download to play more with those sounds ?

Thank you !!


  • Sunborn
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    Expansions are:

    1- Sounds and loops: Usually .wav files, which as you may understand, you can not edit in such way (decay, sustain etc), unless if you load then with the Sampler

    2- Instrument presets: Those are usually presets from Massive, Monark etc. or, Battery kits. You can edit those presets and change cutoff, decay etc. through their own instruments. For example. you want to edit the cutoff of a Monark bass preset, then you open Monark to do so.

    or you just do the obvious.... use the already assigned buttons! 😊

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