Issue with my Windows 11 operating system

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I recently encountered a serious issue with my Windows 11 operating system, it crashed unexpectedly. To resolve this problem, I decided to reinstall Windows 11. However, my efforts have been in vain as the problem persists. Now, I'm looking for the best solution to address this issue. I would appreciate any advice or guidance on how to effectively fix my crashed Windows 11. Your help would be greatly valued. Thank you.



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    For general Windows support then you most likely ought to choose another forum where the general focus of people are OS installation (they have help fora over at Microsoft also : )

    Also , even if someone would be willing to give you general pointers then you have supplied absolutely zero information about anything what so ever other than telling that you use Windows 11 and have re-installed. That makes your post here absolutely meaningless....

    Anyway , from the little info supplied then you could be having a virus on computer , having a hardware problem like faulty memory or faulty hard drive or something completely different. It is possible that you need someone 'off-line' to assist you trouble-shoot !

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