NIHardwareService not a valid Win32 Application error

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I know this is the wrong thread, I dont know how to delete. I have been digging for days and so frustrated.

I have uninstalled, reinstalled, tried older versions and on my desktop PC I cannot get the HIHardwareService to run. When I go into services, only Start the service is listed, so I know it's not running. Clicking "Start the service" brings Error 193:0xc1 - Windows could not start the NIHardwareService service on Local Computer. I've done all troubleshooting steps on the website to uninstall, restart, reinstall, restart, still error when starting Controller Editor.

I'm trying to use my Maschine Jam, drivers up to date and says their good. Recognized in device manager as Maschine Jam DFU good driver. When I plug it in, no matter which USB port on my PC, it goes through the Light up boot sequence, then all lights go out.

Event Viewer log : The NIHardwareService is not a valid Win32 application

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    Hey Mike, these error messages are usually signs of a corrupted Windows system, please give this a try:

    After googling for the error code, I could find several fixes and solutions, also going in the same direction: here and here.

    You can also try to create a new Windows account (with admin priviledges) and try with this new account. If that does not fix it, it might be time to think to make a clean re-install of Windows.

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    You are a savior!!! I had ran the SFC but did not run the prior script mentioned in the article you posted. That was it, windows found corrupted files, repaired them, reboot and my Maschine Jam stays on, midi maps, and both NIHardwareservices and NIHostIntegrationAgent are running. I have spent days on this, and was about to reimage my system, but you have saved the day! You are appreciated!

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