Collectors Edition unusable on Sonoma

Max Marlo
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Hi, I own the collectors edition and since installing Sonoma it hasn’t worked properly with Logic, I load up one instance of kontakt 7 and it crashes logic, my Spitfire Audio libraries seem to not affect logic in this way on Sonoma, but Kontakt do. That’s an issue, and I hope is fixed soon. The question is when? One good thing came out of it for me though, I got to re-format my external ssd to apfs instead of journaled, that’s such a necessity for anyone using external ssd’s with Mac. No more waiting for the ssd to sync, so nothing is so bad it isn’t good for something else, that said I really hope I get to use my collector’s edition soon!


  • Monochrome
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    Hi, Sonoma is not yet officially fully supported as written on this page:

    (That list somehow misses "Massive X", which got a compatibility update two days ago.)

    I do think that full compatibility can be expected soon... The devs @ NI seem very busy testing stuff.

  • Max Marlo
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    I hope it's soon, but when? An unusable collectors edition is really bad. :/

  • Loewmusic
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    I'm also thinking about upgrading to Sonoma now the latest Logic 10.8.0 no longer supports Monterey.Think I'll hold off if Kontakt is having issues.Are any of the other NI plugins having issues with Sonoma?

  • noumansaeed
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    Have the update fully rolled yet?

  • reffahcs
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    Have you tried using Kontakt standalone? I'm on MacOS 14.1.1 and Kontakt seems to be working fine for now. Ironically the only reason I ended up upgrading to 14 was because Kontakt was causing kernel panics in 13.5 causing my entire Mac to reboot.

    I never did figure out the issue, it just randomly stopped doing it. It still does it occasionally though, but it hasn't happened in awhile. I always suspected it was graphics related, because it was the Window Server that was actually causing the kernel panic, but it would be triggered by something simple like moving the Kontakt window with the mouse, and sometimes it would just die as soon as it opened.

  • Max Marlo
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    It might be better in 14.1.1.

    but not compatible still.

  • reffahcs
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    edited November 13

    I wasn't suggesting you upgrade to 14.1.1, simply explaining why I decided to. Whether NI has declared it "compatible" or not is largely irrelevant in my eyes. There's plenty of software marketed as "compatible" that doesn't work as advertised. There's only so much testing vendors can do, and for PC's (x86-64) it's even worse. In my case I've only encountered a few minor issues since upgrading to 14.1.1, there are also several other people in this forum that are running the latest versions of MacOS with NI products as well.

    I understand the frustration with buying a product and it not working. If you'd like help from the community then I would be happy to try and help you, as I'm sure other's would too.

    However if you're just voicing your frustration that NI has not officially declared their products "compatible" with MacOS 14, then I'll let things be and encourage you to submit a trouble ticket with NI for whatever specific issues you're having.

  • Kymeia
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    edited November 13

    Exactly NI are just playing it safe and being thorough but for me everything works on Sonoma that worked before so there is a huge difference between not ‘officially’ supported and ‘not working’ or ‘unusable’

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